Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Vaz

Originally from Fargo ND; Vaz started as 2 thirds of the Amphetamine Reptile band, Hammerhead by Jeff Mooridian Jr. (aka Deft Garlands) and Paul Erickson(aka Apollo Liftoff). They have been a two piece for most of their almost 10 years of existence but have been playing as a (three or?) four piece for a while now. This is noise rock at its best. You like noise don't you? Of course you do.
Here are a few cuts:

The Vaz - Collar

The Vaz - White World Of Death

The Vaz - Treble Noir

The Vaz - The Infinity Club

If you really feel like it you can download a live video of Unfinished Pair Of Brains and watch Jeff hit the skins like a madman. (Right click save this puppy it's 94 megs) or just go to youtube....

They have been on Load, Golden Standard Labs, Essay, 5rc and Narnack Records to name a few. Spend your crack money at the websites mentioned above.

As a bonus here are Seawhores who are on a split with Vaz on Essay Records.
Seawhores - Sweaty Men Attack

and why not, here is a Vaz youtube clip:

Remember to give them money, lots of it.
Band info: (I helped make this site a few years ago, neat-o eh? well not really....not been updated this century)