Monday, July 6, 2009

Not dead yet...

Yes it's very quiet here. Been busy partying at jazz festivals and what not.

The 7 inches are selling well. (and downloading well it seems) so I should be sold out in not too long. Looks like I will break even, so that's a plus.

New record in the works with alot of great bands. Its gonna be a 12'' compilation.
Who doesn't love a good comp? Well I do. Good way to check out new bands and to get some exclusive tracks by bands you might know. Hoping to announce an official release date by the end of summer.

Here are some videos from the last few weeks:

First up, OFFONOFF at Mono in may:

Here are The Intelligence and Crash Normal from the Compost Modern Art 7'' release party that I don't remember much from. Glad to have the video:

Oh, I'm spinning records at Garage on the 24th.
Should be noisy.