Saturday, February 6, 2010


Right. It's finally time for STUFFS. The new Compost Modern Art LP compilation.

It's full of good stuff(s). The lineup is as follows:
Crash Normal (Fr), Cheveu (Fr), Sneakers (US), Bungalow Ranchstyle (No), Agent Ribbons (US), The Dictaphone (Fr), The Feeling of Love (Fr), De La Cave (Fr), Bipolar Bear (US), Don Vito (Ge), Ty Segall (US), When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (US), Sic Alps (US), and Matt K. Shrugg (US)

That's 14 freaking bands. Some short bursts and some long tracks of varying of all, they are all good. Hand picked by yours truly.
A few other bands were in the running as well, but have dropped off and/or changed in the last few months. It's taken over 6 months to get it all together.

Almost all songs have never been released and some have been made especially for this compilation!

This means you should buy a copy. I know people will download this as they always do...but its worth getting for the artwork alone....atleast let me break even eh? All bands have contributed a piece of art that CMA team have put together.

I am amazed and honored that all these bands are a part of this.

So look for this record somewhere sometime soon. More info in a few weeks.

Oh, and I made a (soon-to-be) super-fancy website: