Sunday, August 26, 2007


Gay Against You are from Glasgow Scotland.
According to the press release they "inhabit the middle ground between Cyndi Lauper and the Locust." I'm not sure that fits, but they do put on an insane show. Last night at Spasibar there was wire strangling, blood and spastic dancing. This show was organized by the good people at

Check out Gay Against You - Sooo Heat

Band info and more downloads:

Saturday, August 25, 2007


So the Locust played here the other week. Good energy and a pretty good turnout. Opener was Otto Von Schirach who's insane disco metal was filled with references to farting, puking, buttsex and zombies. In other words, real sophisticated humour.
Somebody filmed some of the Locust show.
Take a look:

I've been a bit burned out lately, so I've missed alot of shows (including the Oslo jazz festival), but I promise to destroy more of my hearing for your reading pleasure very soon. Added a link to on my list. This is a new booking company you will hear alot about in the future. Lots of exciting stuff on the way...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Øya Festival wrapup.

Well, the festival is over; people are back to their boring lives at work. What a letdown. I started my week of loud noise watching GTUK at Spasibar who also played later at the festival. He's a wild German guy who screams over insanely fast Nintendo beats....great stuff. Tuesday Magnus Moriarty, Ranheim and Bungalow Ranchstyle rocked Internationalen. Wednesday it all started in the park with expensive drinks and lots of good music. Boredoms were fantastic. 3 drum sets and a wall of noise. Fuck hippie drum circles, Boredoms are the real shit. Tinariwen played heartwarming African desert blues, followed by Woven Hand who's intense singer ...always gives a good performance. GTUK put on a great second set of the day followed by about 3 NIN songs before I left. Thursday opened the day with a Norwegian band called Real Ones and one called Deadends...a nice suprise. Followed by Gogol Bordello. Man, this Balkan rock thing has really catched on lately....where were everyone like 5 years ago? It was just as good then. Malajube played a solid set (not as wild as at garage, but still good) followed by CocoRosie who frankly annoyed me. I like it on record, but got bored quickly live. Justice then put on a great set of hits...the kids went wild. Would have been much better in a club though...they pretty much got kicked off stage for playing too long. The sad thing about festivals is that when a show is great and the crowd is dying for an encore, they cant do it because of the tight time schedule. New Young Pony Club followed Justice....then Tool played. I lasted 3 songs before I left. (I was a fan ca. 1995...I guess I'm getting old) Later that evening I witnessed one of the best shows I've seen in years: (and if you've been paying attention, I've seen alot). Patrick Watson at Øya Night. (Come back to oslo Pleeease) Patrick Watson is a genius...enough said. Norwegian singer songwriter Ingrid Olava opened up and put on a touching show. This turned out to be a brilliant combination and a fantastic night. Woke up Friday really hungover and made it just in time for Architecture in Helzzzzzz.... Later, Spoon put on a good show, although they looked confused by the sunlight in the middle of the day. Can't be the most fun time to play.... Next up Devandra Banhart bored me with mumbling burnout hippy music and I quickly moved on to the best show of the day: Battles. I first saw Helmet in...91-92 wish I'd seen him more often. Hypnotic intense beats. Tight like a drum machine. Other members are from Don Cabellero who I've been a fan of for some years. These guys can play! Next, ...And you won't know us by the sound of our songs played and it didn't do much for me. Keep in mind at this point I'm a wreck so I'm alittle extra critical. The Jesus & Mary Chain was disappointing, yet played an ok set. The sound was horrible and they looked like they were sleeping onstage. They seemed to just be going through the motions. I guess I would do the same if I got alot of money to reunite and play...OK maybe not. Rocky Erickson finished off the night. Where the hell did all these Norwegians hear of this guy? The crowd was insane. Personally I've only heard the 13 Floor Elevator stuff....This guy got to play 3 encores and people would not leave the area. Even the stagehands and people in the back were frothing at the mouth. Good to see and old rocker get his day. I ended the night at a local club where Shining played a"secret" gig. Intense and great as far as I can remember. Should have stayed at home Saturday...hungover and the music was not as great as the previous days, but I fought on trying not to loose the little sense of youth left in my body. Listened alittle to Rockettothesky followed by a set by The Melvins (including Big Business). Good mix of old and new, but the guitar and vocals drowned a bit in the 2 drum sets. Canadian band The Besnard Lakes who I'd never heard of were pretty decent, so was The Go! Team afterwards, but I was mentally and physically far from enjoying live music by that time. The obnoxious Lady Sovereign; who was the only English solo artist that showed up (Lilly Allen was sick, and Amy Whinehouse was hanging out at a rehab in London) played something while I tried to sleep; followed by more female hip hop with Yo Majesty who are famous for playing topless.....meh. I stayed the entire day to check out Primal Scream but I went home after 3 songs this night too. Seems like I cant handle a full week of music and drinking anymore. Oh well, I'll be back next year.
Below are a bunch of pictures and crappy video clips that I took.
Better videos are on Youtube and several full show are here: (read post below for how to see them if you don't speak Norwegian) You can watch em and tell me I'm wrong about some of the shows if you like.

Patrick Watson:

Woven Hand:

Rocky Erickson:

Ingrid Olava:


Gogol Bordello:


Vidoes are below.....

Øya wrapup 2: The grainy/bad video cliporama!

Here are a few short clips I took at this years Øya festival:


This kids went crazy even in the afternoon....

Definetly not boring.

Patrick Watson put on the best show of the festival:

Patrick Watson:
Record out in Europe very soon.

Great, but too early in the day.

Only 11+ months until the next Øya festival...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Øya video!

Go to
and click on your favorite artist (not all were filmed unfortunately.)
Listed by day (onsdag, torsdag, fredag, lørdag) on the right.
Then click on "spill" and woahla! there you go.
I'll post my own 30 sec crappy video clips and some nice pictures later this week.
I've got to catch up on email at work first.
Bonus: If you click around on the same page you can also find live shows from the Hove Festival...but then again who wants that? Oh you do? OK.
The quality is good....but it's not up for too long. Rip the audio and video for fun.
They festival was pretty good; lots of solid performances and some not so solid.
Highlights included: Patrick Watson, Spoon, Battles, Boredoms, Woven Hand, Malajube, GTUK, and Justice among others... Pictured above: Battles.
A good week had by all...more soon.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Øya Festival

Ok, so it's finally time for the Øya festival here in Oslo. Øya has one of the most eclectic lineups on the festival circuit. Basically, they have good and varying taste.
Some of the highlights for me this year are Bordoms from Japan, Tinariwen from the desert in Mali, Spoon, Gogol Bordello, Justice (FR), Shining, Patrick Watson (CA), Woven Hand, Battles, Malajube, plus a whole bunch of bands of different styles and sounds from all over the world (plus a bunch of local bands I'll be skipping...well most of them). Headliners are Tool, NIN, Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain etc. go here to check it out. Monday I'm starting with GTUK at Spasibar followed by a dj set at International before the serious fun starts on wednesday.
If you feel like watching some of these sets live on your computer will be streaming a good portion of the gigs online. Some of it will be available afterwards as well. I will post a link when I wake up sometime next week.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good and bad news...

Yup, still here... The bad news I just found out my parents have to put my dog to sleep. She was a great dog who really saved the family though some tough times. I'm not gonna make you cry now so I'll get to the good news. The good news is I'll be deejaying at Internationalen in Oslo on tuesday during Øya Festival Club night. More about Øya festival very soon. Tuesday, Bungalow Ranchstyle (ex- cato salsa experience / ex-Fairfuck.) and Ranheim (Norway's answer to shellac) are playing. Gonna be a insane week. 6 days of music and drinks.

This one is for Marte:
Miles Davis - Blue in Green