Sunday, August 5, 2007

Øya Festival

Ok, so it's finally time for the Øya festival here in Oslo. Øya has one of the most eclectic lineups on the festival circuit. Basically, they have good and varying taste.
Some of the highlights for me this year are Bordoms from Japan, Tinariwen from the desert in Mali, Spoon, Gogol Bordello, Justice (FR), Shining, Patrick Watson (CA), Woven Hand, Battles, Malajube, plus a whole bunch of bands of different styles and sounds from all over the world (plus a bunch of local bands I'll be skipping...well most of them). Headliners are Tool, NIN, Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain etc. go here to check it out. Monday I'm starting with GTUK at Spasibar followed by a dj set at International before the serious fun starts on wednesday.
If you feel like watching some of these sets live on your computer will be streaming a good portion of the gigs online. Some of it will be available afterwards as well. I will post a link when I wake up sometime next week.

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