Monday, August 13, 2007

Øya video!

Go to
and click on your favorite artist (not all were filmed unfortunately.)
Listed by day (onsdag, torsdag, fredag, lørdag) on the right.
Then click on "spill" and woahla! there you go.
I'll post my own 30 sec crappy video clips and some nice pictures later this week.
I've got to catch up on email at work first.
Bonus: If you click around on the same page you can also find live shows from the Hove Festival...but then again who wants that? Oh you do? OK.
The quality is good....but it's not up for too long. Rip the audio and video for fun.
They festival was pretty good; lots of solid performances and some not so solid.
Highlights included: Patrick Watson, Spoon, Battles, Boredoms, Woven Hand, Malajube, GTUK, and Justice among others... Pictured above: Battles.
A good week had by all...more soon.

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