Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Newyear!

2009 is here. 2008 has been good, but 2009 izz gonna rulez yo! Word homeslice.

There will be no best of 2008 list, but everyone should own the Cheveu record that came out this year:

Maybe this Agaskodo Teliverek video for blood club is the best of 08? I haven't been paying attention. The video is good though:

Seeya in 09

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Next Life at Garage, Oslo 29.12.08

Tested my new video camera. Brought it to the Next Life cd release party. The band was nice enough to edit and use the footage for a litte video.
Take a look:

The new Next Life record is called The Lost Age and is out January 5th on Fysisk Format. Purchase the record here.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Xxxmas

Here is your xmas present. If you got yours last year...sorry it's recycled.
It is the greatest xmas song ever, so really what are you complaining about?
So merry christmas, happy kwanzaa, hannaka, boxing day, anti-corporate day, drunk day, or wednesday or whatever you might be celebrating.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rebel '77

The Rebel - The Idiot (rapidshare)
(stolen from 7 year glitch. thnx...)

Werner Herzog - Stroszek (1977)

The Idiot is availabe (in a different form) on
The Country Teasers Live Album available on In The Red

Out now; two new records* from The Rebel/Country Teasers :

* CT/Ezee-Tiger split LP on Holy Mountain
* The Rebel - Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable LP on Sacred Bones
(recorded live at wfmu -listen here)

That's it. Doodelidup!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pale Young Gentlemen

Ok, so I'm not just into noisy punk, I also like pretty indie rock type stuff. Got an email from Pale Young Gentlemen. They are a 5 piece from Wisconsin. At times like Clap your hands, Arcade Fire, and Black Heart Procession all rolled into one. Yet the singing is much better, there is'nt a freak folk vibe and its not so depressing. (Nothing against those 3 bands) This is solid songwriting heavy on the strings. Sometime I feel like they should just rock hard as the song builds, but it quietly rolls along until it ends...which is really just as good. Maybe they are louder onstage...couldn't guess it from this band photo though:

Anyway, this is worth checking out. Here are two tracks from their latest album Black Forest (tra la la) out on Science Of Sound Records.


Pale Young Gentlemen - I Wasn't Worried (Rapidshare)

Pale Young Gentlemen - The Crook Of My Good Arm

To hear more you can stream their two albums on their website :

Visit PYG



Monday, December 1, 2008

The Feeling Of Love

So...It's been dead here for a while. Well, I haven't felt like going to shows. My tinnitus is getting worse and I'm trying to cut down on the insane numbers that show up on my creditcard bill after a night on the town.

A big annoncement is coming up soon on this here blog thingy. What you ask? Well, it's a far. There will also be a nice xmas gift for you. Just for you because I love you sooo much.

In the mean time you can enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of The Feeling Of Love. This is another great Seb Normal project. I think he has played in about 42351.4 bands. Seb Normal is the brother of Jerome Normal from Crash Normal. Crash Normal miiight have something to do with my big announcement in the near future. Stay tuned or whatever.

The Feeling of Love - Tounge Tattoo

Posting just one, but you can find tons more of his stuff by clicking the links below.

Also, enjoy this bonus "behind the scenes" video from Crash Normal in Oslo last year. Hey! you might even see yours truly in the video:

Spread the love here:

Visit The Feeling of Love
and here (warning not for epileptics!)
Buy from Seb Normal or Phil Scrotcum
Visit Crash Normal