Friday, January 9, 2009

New record label!

So, I guess it's official: I am starting a record label. I have had the pleasure to get to know Crash Normal (Jerome and Vince) who are a great couple of guys from Paris. I was at Jeromes place this summer and he played me some demos and seemed to have no plans for releasing them. These are some of the songs they played live here in Oslo as well as on their last US tour. The songs are killer. So I asked if I could put them out, and the rest is history.
Crash Normal
Look at these guys..what's not to love?

Hopefully I will release lots more stuff in the future...A couple of other bands are in the works as well. So save your pennies and keep an ear open. I will need your money for more records. More money, more records you see? An amazing concept. Oh and I will only be releasing those black round things with deep grooves in a very limited number...perfect for all the collector scum out there. Release dates etc is still not set, but it will be soon(er or later). Hurrah.

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