Monday, May 16, 2011

Crash Normal & Le Corbeau at Revolver

Hello, long time no see! Currently working on the Stuffs vol. 2 LP.
Lots of great new bands in the works. More info sooner then later.

While we wait, Crash Normal are flying in for a short scandalnavian tour!

Be there or be square:

June 2 at Revolver with Le Corbeau + djs Team Antiharrs
June 3 possibly with Tundra Fucks in Gothenburg (house party)
and June 4th in Stockholm opening up for Abe Vigoda at Fritz's Corner/Strand

In Oslo I am happy to have Le Corbeau joining Jerome and Etienne for the big thursday party.
It will be a great night for only 100 kr. I'll be in terrible shape after a week of rum & cokes in Spain. You get a couple of cool dudes from Paris AND one of Oslo's best bands. Worth the money for sure ya'll! Then the trip continues to Sweden. Wish me luck.

Oh, and here is some great fottage from the PRICKLYpeaBOWLS festival "somewhere" on a beach in Italy last year. If you watch closely you will see yours truly drunk at a show...on the Italy......classy.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Just a quick note. I will be djing this cool gig at Mir on saturday:

It's cheap. The bands are good. The club is nice. No reason not to show up. Word.