Saturday, September 13, 2008

Permanent (brain) Damage

My good friend (and former boss) Al Milman is re-releasing his classic punk rock masterpiece from 1977. (Actually its been out since july..I've been in a drunken haze all summer so I didn't realize it before now. He actually sang a few songs at Funhouse this week!) The 30th Anniversary compilation includes the complete first two 7-inch EPs, unreleased studio tracks, and live recordings - restored by none other than Jack Endino.

Check it out:
Alan Milman Sect - Stitches in my head/I wanna kill somebody

Alan Milman Sect/Man-Ka-Zam 30th Anniversary CD is now out on Flotation Records out of Seattle.
Buy it now or get spanked.

Sunshine for Shady People

So on September 18th Three One G will release Arab on Radar: Sunshine for Shady People on DVD. This is the documentary of one of the most explosive bands of the last 15+ years.
Sunshine for Shady People DVD Trailer:

I got my copy in the mail yesterday, so I put on my thinking hat, opened a bottle of wine and put it in my ol' dvd player. This aint no VH1 rockumentary bullshit. This was short and noisy. Not so much a story about a band, instead it's random clips thrown together without much structured history. No explanation about why they broke up (there was no mention of Eric's cartoon) or any concrete info. In other words, it was just a taste of the 7+ year fury that was Arab on Radar. The only disappointing thing was the live footage. The sound quality is pretty mediocre. Strange that they did not use better video (like for example the 2002 Michigan Fest DVD footage), or any of the many youtube clips out there. I never did get to see this band; but they split into The Chinese Stars which I saw and have written about earlier. Made in Mexico and Athletic Automation are the other projects that came out of AOR. All worth checking out. So here is some footage of Arab on Radar:


God Is Dad video:

Arab On Radar - Number 5
Arab On Radar - Number 3

Buy Arab on Radar from Skingraft
Buy Sunshine for Shady People dvd from Three one G