Sunday, October 28, 2007

My new favorite video (this week)

Sunday is a great day for youtube.
Here is something pretty cool.
Just found this on Last Days Of Man On Earth:

Reesa and the Rooters - Vix Bidet Party

Info about this Philly band here and here, and search
youtube for two more videos...

I ended up missing the Slaraffenland show because I got a free ticket to the biggest nerd fest in town: Play! A Video Game Symphony . They played a couple of old favorites and alot of stuff I could care less about. Fun to see weirdos in capes and masks though. KORK (The Norwegian Radio Symphony), plus a choir and some guest made it watchable.
Next weekend is the start of a concert marathon...can't wait!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bush League

Toronto's Bush League are either ex or current members of Teen Crud Combo, The Killer Elite, Pecola, Picastro, Ugly Stick, No No Zero, and No Dynamics. Not much info on them as they seem to refuse to use the web.
They have released a 10'' record on a french label: It's LOUD and LOFI.
Don't know alot about them, but they do include members of that's all you really need to know.
Here is a Bush League video called "Krush my skull"
Go here for the original article on tobescene.


Tomorrow I'm heading for yet another Redyellocab show:

Don't know much about either band, but that can be the fun part of going to a show. You might get blown away by something you've never seen before....or run screaming with your ears bleeding. I'm sure it will be the formentioned tomorrow.

Slaraffenland and Pow Pow on Myspace.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

#s @ Spasibar

Numbers put on a good show. Lots of new songs.
HJ and I (Team Antiharrs) also got to dj! Fun had by all.
Here are a few photos:

Catch Numbers on tour all over Europe now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is a lazy post (nothing new there), but thought I would mention that Numbers are playing tomorrow at Spasibar. Numbers are from San Fransisco and according to Tigerbeat records: "they play fast primal punk disco beats, while trading detached boy/girl vocals back and forth amidst intermittent bursts of noisy guitar and fuzzed-out buzzerk bass." ahem ok, that was the old Numbers. Not better, not worse, just different. The new records is slower and more moody. New record out on Kill Rock Stars called Now You Are This.
Here is some old and new Numbers you can check out:
Make up your own damn mind what you like best.
From old to new:
Numbers - I'm Shy
Numbers - Hot Fire
Numbers - Beast Life
Numbers - Mind Hole

BUY: Tigerbeat Records
BUY: Kill Rock Stars
Band info:
More info:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Future of Vialka

Future of the left was great last week. Found out Falco hates Paris. Go see them there and start a fight or just buy him a drink and give him some kind of response in the audience (i.e. don't sit on your hands) and he will be happy.
Vialka put on a great show for way too few people. According to Eric their future includes doing an east coast US tour soon. The new material is great.
Here are some pictures and a short video from the Spasibar show here in Oslo:

My future includes NUMBERS at Spasibar next week (sponsored by the good people at See you there.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Vialka are back in Oslo to play at Spasibar October 11th. This is going to be great. I saw Vialka a few years ago. It's an insane mix of balkan rock, and french. What can I saw about this band....its got be be witnessed.
They are playing all over Europe in the next few weeks.

(right click save, listen, buy, repeat)
Vialka - Village Mentality Part 2
Vialka - Trop Tard

Purchase info and more sounds:

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Future of the left

So I've been to some shows in the last few weeks, and there is more to come. I saw Grazhdanskaya Oborona who are an old punk band from Siberia, Russia. Sounds cool right? Well it it's better on record. The band seemed bored and just going through the motions. The booze was cheap so I didn't mind.

I wasn't going to go see Against Me! but I found out Future of the left is opening. Future of the left include ex members of some band called Jarcrew and Scottish legends Mclusky. Like me, I know you love Mclusky. (what? no?) If there is one band I regret not going to see it's Mclusky. Didn't know anybody that was able or cared to go when they played in Seattle a few years back (this happened several times) Instead of going I sat at home...I've regretted it for years. One thing Ive learned is to just say fuck it and go to shows even if its by yourself. So basically Future of the left is as close as I am going to come to seeing Mclusky. It might not be as intense as Mclusky, but worth the Tuesday outing.

Here is some ear candy:

Future of the left:

Here is Mclusky on some teenybopper TV show:

Mclusky - To hell with good intentions

Future of the left is playing with Against Me and Steriogram at Garage in Oslo on tuesday.


Monday, October 1, 2007

What makes the grass grow?! Blood, BLOOD, BLOOD! What are we gonna do?! Kill, KILL, KILL!"

Yes Yes Y'all!
Back from vacation in London. While in London I got drunk with Matyi from The Fighting Cocks....a weekend well spent.
The Fighting Cocks are a bunch of lunatics from Essex who play Gypsy electro-punk. (They haven't robbed or killed me yet on my visits.)
The Balkan music craze is sweeping large parts of the world now, but these guys (and gals) have been doing it for a long time in one form or another. First as the legendary Szeki Kurva, and now as The Fighting Cocks.
Some noise:
The Fighting Cocks - Love Somebody, Yes I do
The Fighting Cocks - Dance of the Fighting Cocks
The Fighting Cocks - King of the Street
Szeki Kurva - Ramraid
Szeki Kurva - Happy Shopper
Szeki Kurva - Chicken Head
Szeki Kurva - Balkan Express
When I last checked The Fighting Cocks are: Matyi, DJ Assassin, Pinky, Anna, Cherry, Ilaria and Molly.

Some videos:

The Fighting Cocks are ready to play your barmitzva, graduation or dog fight anywhere anytime. I heard there miiight be a Sezki Kurva reunion this xmas too!
Band info:
BUY this shit

You can listen to lots more here