Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bush League

Toronto's Bush League are either ex or current members of Teen Crud Combo, The Killer Elite, Pecola, Picastro, Ugly Stick, No No Zero, and No Dynamics. Not much info on them as they seem to refuse to use the web.
They have released a 10'' record on a french label: It's LOUD and LOFI.
Don't know alot about them, but they do include members of that's all you really need to know.
Here is a Bush League video called "Krush my skull"
Go here for the original article on tobescene.


Tomorrow I'm heading for yet another Redyellocab show:

Don't know much about either band, but that can be the fun part of going to a show. You might get blown away by something you've never seen before....or run screaming with your ears bleeding. I'm sure it will be the formentioned tomorrow.

Slaraffenland and Pow Pow on Myspace.

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