Friday, June 29, 2007

ChooChooChooChooBeepBeep - Hello, this is DEERHOOF

Tuesday July 3rd here in Oslo, Deerhoof is playing at Cafe Mono.
I'm excited like alittle schoolboy chasing an ice cream truck.

I am also lucky enough to get to DJ with my friend HJ at this show.
I'm no DJ, but I look forward to playing all kinds of shit.
I would think Deerhoof fans have an open mind.
So get ready for Japanese noise, art punk, Balkan, Ethiopian Jazz, French sleaze, beats, indie rawk etc etc. This could be my first and last "gig" so I'm going all out. You might find my bloody and beaten body outside in the gutter for playing the wrong thing at about 3am. (What? You don't like Hungarian digital folk-hardcore?!?)

If you don't know Deerhoof, they are a San Fransisco band who have been around forever putting out top quality art pop. One of my favorites.
You can listen to a ton of tracks in good quality here:
I recommend "This Magnificent Bird Will Rise", "Gore in Rut" or "Milk Man" for a first listen.

Band info: Buy from

A post on Hungarian digital folk-hardcore at a later date. Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Alright. It's time for some Canadian music eh.
Pecola: probably the best screamo noise punk jazz band ever....what ever that is. I guess it's classified as "math rock". Whatever. Anyway, I've literally worn through my copy of the Dat Hoang 12" and only got mp3s left of it. I have The Mexican on cd, but its also seen better days.
I think both are out of print at this point.
I've worked really hard to get my tinnitus to where it is today thanks to those records (and a split 7 inch or two).
Pecola was Gideon Steinberg, Zak Hanna, Craig Thompson, CATL and were based in Toronto.

So here are Pecola - Class XXX from Dat Hoang on

Guess all the words and win a prize!
Buy it if it's your thing, or just buy it for me. (I like gifts)

The band went on to projects such as Picastro, No No Zero, Minaret, Shut-In, etc.
All worth checking out as well.

Read aboot Pecola here:

If anyone wants to hook me up with the cassette release or any demos or dvds feel free to contact me. I will pay you lots of money or wash your dishes.
I wish I had a copy of the Tag Team Anniversattack live show on Brave New Waves (Canada's best radio show...with sexy voiced Patty Schmidt - it still on the air?)

I don't use torrents and I'd hate for you not give them any money (they are no longer welcome at the Rush mansion) but I'm not sure where else you can find it. Check ebay or some shit or contact Phil Klygo over at teenageusa.

I have been bugging this guy in Toronto about sending me stuff, but I never got anything. Happened to run across a live show on the same guys website. Hope he doesn't mind me posting a track.
It's not great quality, but you can hear the intensity and rawness of the live show; which they were famous for I read somewhere. Haven't spent much time in Canada, so I never saw them play.

Pecola - Track 5 (live Atop a Hill January 1995)

You can listen to some other songs from Dat Hoang here:

The full length cd The Mexican was released on Kosherrock Records. I think it's out of print, but you can try to email Alex from Deep Dark United who runs the label. The Shut-In record was also released on Kosherrock.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Vaz

Originally from Fargo ND; Vaz started as 2 thirds of the Amphetamine Reptile band, Hammerhead by Jeff Mooridian Jr. (aka Deft Garlands) and Paul Erickson(aka Apollo Liftoff). They have been a two piece for most of their almost 10 years of existence but have been playing as a (three or?) four piece for a while now. This is noise rock at its best. You like noise don't you? Of course you do.
Here are a few cuts:

The Vaz - Collar

The Vaz - White World Of Death

The Vaz - Treble Noir

The Vaz - The Infinity Club

If you really feel like it you can download a live video of Unfinished Pair Of Brains and watch Jeff hit the skins like a madman. (Right click save this puppy it's 94 megs) or just go to youtube....

They have been on Load, Golden Standard Labs, Essay, 5rc and Narnack Records to name a few. Spend your crack money at the websites mentioned above.

As a bonus here are Seawhores who are on a split with Vaz on Essay Records.
Seawhores - Sweaty Men Attack

and why not, here is a Vaz youtube clip:

Remember to give them money, lots of it.
Band info: (I helped make this site a few years ago, neat-o eh? well not really....not been updated this century)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

15 minutes of fame

I can't remember a show when the opening act played longer then the headliner. Granted 3/4 of the opening act was on stage with Jay Reatard so I can understand the first set is short, but the second?
Boston Chinks played for 20 minutes. Jay Reatard played for a disappointing 15. No encore, no nothing. Weak.
Still it was a good show with alot of energy (at least on stage).
Here are a few clips and pix:

Boston Chinks

Jay Reatard

Boston Chinks:

Jay Reatard:

Get out and enjoy some live music eventhough you might be hung over at work the next day.

Lots more shows coming up...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Natural Dreamers

Man I'm tired.....had to work today. What a shitty sunday.

Natural Dreamers are from San Francisco.
The band includes a couple of people from Deerhoof.

Good nite:)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boston Retards

So it's Blood Brothers tomorrow. Good times.
Gotta go support my old home town.
Hopefully it will not be as bloody as Jay (pictured above)
Next week we have some punk rockers coming to Last Train here in Oslo.

Jay Reatard and Boston Chinks; both pretty cool garage punk bands.

Jay Reatard has been doing his thing for a long time in the band The Reatards, while The Boston Chinks are not from Boston, but Memphis: home of a ton of terrible country music, and some good.

There will be no country music at this show; instead there will be catchy short punk rock songs. Bring your earplugs.

Check it out yourself:
Jay Reatard - Oh It's Such A Shame

Jay Reatard - Blood Visions

Boston Chinks - Coltrane


You can buy it at the label websites...

Jay is on In The Red Records so you know its ace.

Boston Chinks are on Goner which is also pretty cool.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


OK, back to the music. Been a tiring few days. Next Life were great on friday. I even say Ozzy play yesterday (got a free ticket to the debacle). He looked like he was having fun. The backing band blew. (Who needs triple peddle bass drums on war pigs?) Aaaanyway...

A-Frames are Seattle's premier art rock band. Or should I call it garage rock...I don't know...It's raw, simple and good. They have been in many forms and have had a few other names. (Lars in The Intelligence used to drum for them so you know they are good - see earlier post.)

The reason I'm posting about them today, is that I just read record number 4, which is shockingly entitled "4" is almost finished. This will also come out on Sub Pop as did their last great effort "Black Forest" (or "3" to me and you.)

Nothing new to post, but I felt like throwing out some old gems.....enjoy:

From Black Forest: Experiment

Demo: A.O.D

Neutron Bomb 7'': Neutron Bomb

Another great Monty Buckles video:
A-Frames "Black Forest"

Special super duper extra snack:

A-Frames live in Strasbourg (the entire show in quicktime video!)

For info on the band go to

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Next Life

Do you like old video game fighting music? do you like metal?
Then this band is for you, you nerd.
Just kidding, this band rocks. I like few Norwegian bands, but this is one of them.
Next life is a 2 (sometimes 3?) pieces out of Oslo.
The music has been called Nintendo punk, Atari hardcore etc etc.
Judge for yourself:
Red Stone
The Mirror
Lots more can be found here:
Next Life are playing at Blitz as part of the BarrikadeRock Festival this weekend. Go and party with the kids. I will, so I might feel alittle younger for a few hours.
If you are out of town that day, and in oh I don't know... Zimbabwe, the show might look something like this:

Next Life is on the great label Cock Rock Disco.
Go here to spenf your hard earned money.

Monday, June 4, 2007


I'm turning 30 June 5th. The only thing positive about it is the new Shellac record comes out. It's called Excellent Italian Greyhound. I don't' feel like stealing an mp3 from it (you know where to find it anyhow). I will however post one from the previous record 1000 Hurts: "Watch Song". Hint: buy that one and the new record on vinyl; and you will get a free copy of the cd in the box. They did it for 1000 Hurts....maybe in the new one too, but don't take my word for it.
Here is some new video posted from the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary party: The Steve and David Show (keep an eye out for David Yow)

Speaking of David Yow, and other things that are coming out June 5th. There is a great dvd of The Jesus Lizard live performances. This band was insane live. Possibly because David Yow was wasted and generally out of his mind when onstage:

Not posting this as a joke. If this is you, get help.
Get the dvd ">here.

Stay tuned for more fun if I make it through tomorrow.

PS. send me money or whatever I've been begging for in previous posts.

Friday, June 1, 2007