Tuesday, June 12, 2007


OK, back to the music. Been a tiring few days. Next Life were great on friday. I even say Ozzy play yesterday (got a free ticket to the debacle). He looked like he was having fun. The backing band blew. (Who needs triple peddle bass drums on war pigs?) Aaaanyway...

A-Frames are Seattle's premier art rock band. Or should I call it garage rock...I don't know...It's raw, simple and good. They have been in many forms and have had a few other names. (Lars in The Intelligence used to drum for them so you know they are good - see earlier post.)

The reason I'm posting about them today, is that I just read record number 4, which is shockingly entitled "4" is almost finished. This will also come out on Sub Pop as did their last great effort "Black Forest" (or "3" to me and you.)

Nothing new to post, but I felt like throwing out some old gems.....enjoy:

From Black Forest: Experiment

Demo: A.O.D

Neutron Bomb 7'': Neutron Bomb

Another great Monty Buckles video:
A-Frames "Black Forest"

Special super duper extra snack:

A-Frames live in Strasbourg (the entire show in quicktime video!)

For info on the band go to http://www.dragnetrecords.com/

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