Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Next Life

Do you like old video game fighting music? do you like metal?
Then this band is for you, you nerd.
Just kidding, this band rocks. I like few Norwegian bands, but this is one of them.
Next life is a 2 (sometimes 3?) pieces out of Oslo.
The music has been called Nintendo punk, Atari hardcore etc etc.
Judge for yourself:
Red Stone
The Mirror
Lots more can be found here:
Next Life are playing at Blitz as part of the BarrikadeRock Festival this weekend. Go and party with the kids. I will, so I might feel alittle younger for a few hours.
If you are out of town that day, and in oh I don't know... Zimbabwe, the show might look something like this:

Next Life is on the great label Cock Rock Disco.
Go here to spenf your hard earned money.

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