Sunday, September 5, 2010


STUFFS is now available from the fine people at Killshaman Records, S-S Records and Permanent Records (Chicago) in the US, and X-mist in Europe. A few others will have copies soon.

On the 13th of September I will be live on the radio making an ass of myself playing several songs off the record on the Bra Trommis show on Radio Nova 99.3 FM in Oslo. Tune in to learn some Norwegian and hear me ramble on about good music. It can be streamed/downloaded on the Radio Nova website afterwards.

Some super 8 promo videos from the STUFFS LP can be seen here:

Here is a clip of The Dictaphone track Mummmers:

This track (in another version) appears on the fabulous new The Dictaphone Self Titled LP on Killshaman. Buy it.

I will also be spinning STUFFS and a whole lot of other stuff(s) at Garage on the 10th of September with the Team Antiharrs dj crew. Siste Dagers Helvete play in the basement also.
Be there or be square.