Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boston Retards

So it's Blood Brothers tomorrow. Good times.
Gotta go support my old home town.
Hopefully it will not be as bloody as Jay (pictured above)
Next week we have some punk rockers coming to Last Train here in Oslo.

Jay Reatard and Boston Chinks; both pretty cool garage punk bands.

Jay Reatard has been doing his thing for a long time in the band The Reatards, while The Boston Chinks are not from Boston, but Memphis: home of a ton of terrible country music, and some good.

There will be no country music at this show; instead there will be catchy short punk rock songs. Bring your earplugs.

Check it out yourself:
Jay Reatard - Oh It's Such A Shame

Jay Reatard - Blood Visions

Boston Chinks - Coltrane


You can buy it at the label websites...

Jay is on In The Red Records so you know its ace.

Boston Chinks are on Goner which is also pretty cool.

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