Thursday, June 21, 2007

15 minutes of fame

I can't remember a show when the opening act played longer then the headliner. Granted 3/4 of the opening act was on stage with Jay Reatard so I can understand the first set is short, but the second?
Boston Chinks played for 20 minutes. Jay Reatard played for a disappointing 15. No encore, no nothing. Weak.
Still it was a good show with alot of energy (at least on stage).
Here are a few clips and pix:

Boston Chinks

Jay Reatard

Boston Chinks:

Jay Reatard:

Get out and enjoy some live music eventhough you might be hung over at work the next day.

Lots more shows coming up...

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lepetomain said...

Yeah, get out and enjoy some live music, next week is Mark Sultan (BBQ) at Cafe Mono. Not to be missed!