Friday, June 29, 2007

ChooChooChooChooBeepBeep - Hello, this is DEERHOOF

Tuesday July 3rd here in Oslo, Deerhoof is playing at Cafe Mono.
I'm excited like alittle schoolboy chasing an ice cream truck.

I am also lucky enough to get to DJ with my friend HJ at this show.
I'm no DJ, but I look forward to playing all kinds of shit.
I would think Deerhoof fans have an open mind.
So get ready for Japanese noise, art punk, Balkan, Ethiopian Jazz, French sleaze, beats, indie rawk etc etc. This could be my first and last "gig" so I'm going all out. You might find my bloody and beaten body outside in the gutter for playing the wrong thing at about 3am. (What? You don't like Hungarian digital folk-hardcore?!?)

If you don't know Deerhoof, they are a San Fransisco band who have been around forever putting out top quality art pop. One of my favorites.
You can listen to a ton of tracks in good quality here:
I recommend "This Magnificent Bird Will Rise", "Gore in Rut" or "Milk Man" for a first listen.

Band info: Buy from

A post on Hungarian digital folk-hardcore at a later date. Enjoy your weekend!

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