Monday, October 1, 2007

What makes the grass grow?! Blood, BLOOD, BLOOD! What are we gonna do?! Kill, KILL, KILL!"

Yes Yes Y'all!
Back from vacation in London. While in London I got drunk with Matyi from The Fighting Cocks....a weekend well spent.
The Fighting Cocks are a bunch of lunatics from Essex who play Gypsy electro-punk. (They haven't robbed or killed me yet on my visits.)
The Balkan music craze is sweeping large parts of the world now, but these guys (and gals) have been doing it for a long time in one form or another. First as the legendary Szeki Kurva, and now as The Fighting Cocks.
Some noise:
The Fighting Cocks - Love Somebody, Yes I do
The Fighting Cocks - Dance of the Fighting Cocks
The Fighting Cocks - King of the Street
Szeki Kurva - Ramraid
Szeki Kurva - Happy Shopper
Szeki Kurva - Chicken Head
Szeki Kurva - Balkan Express
When I last checked The Fighting Cocks are: Matyi, DJ Assassin, Pinky, Anna, Cherry, Ilaria and Molly.

Some videos:

The Fighting Cocks are ready to play your barmitzva, graduation or dog fight anywhere anytime. I heard there miiight be a Sezki Kurva reunion this xmas too!
Band info:
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You can listen to lots more here

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