Sunday, October 7, 2007

Future of the left

So I've been to some shows in the last few weeks, and there is more to come. I saw Grazhdanskaya Oborona who are an old punk band from Siberia, Russia. Sounds cool right? Well it it's better on record. The band seemed bored and just going through the motions. The booze was cheap so I didn't mind.

I wasn't going to go see Against Me! but I found out Future of the left is opening. Future of the left include ex members of some band called Jarcrew and Scottish legends Mclusky. Like me, I know you love Mclusky. (what? no?) If there is one band I regret not going to see it's Mclusky. Didn't know anybody that was able or cared to go when they played in Seattle a few years back (this happened several times) Instead of going I sat at home...I've regretted it for years. One thing Ive learned is to just say fuck it and go to shows even if its by yourself. So basically Future of the left is as close as I am going to come to seeing Mclusky. It might not be as intense as Mclusky, but worth the Tuesday outing.

Here is some ear candy:

Future of the left:

Here is Mclusky on some teenybopper TV show:

Mclusky - To hell with good intentions

Future of the left is playing with Against Me and Steriogram at Garage in Oslo on tuesday.


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