Sunday, May 6, 2007

Black Lips

Black Lips are coming back to Oslo. Last time they threw glass and pissed on stage. (what else is new). Anyway, they are playing at a different club this time (shocker!).
Needless to say, but I'm saying it anyway, they are a blast. I've seen alot of drunken bands, but Black Lips are #1. They can still play after several bottles of whiskey, alot of beer and god knows what else. Check out this video for the song "Fad". This may be my favorite video ever. Hot chicks dancing, blood, cactus mikestand.....whats not to love?

You can download a good quality version of the video here:
They are touring to support their new Live in Tijuana record out on Vice Records.
A sample here: Not A problem

Black Lips play the 10th of May at Blå.

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