Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brakes Brakes Brakes Live! Live! Live!

It's concert time again kids. This thursday it's a fun band from England called Brakes who are on a short Scandihoovian tour. Seen them the last two times in town. They seem to like to go bowling before shows here.


The 2nd song is dedicated to that asshole who constantly talks during shows...you know who you are. No one cares about how drunk you got last night, or that you got problems with your girl/boyfriend. Shut yer trap! Go outside and talk. I paid to see the band/person play, not listen to you drone on about your credit card problems, your dog having stomach issues or how much money you are making. It's rude as hell to the people around you, and especially too the poor guy with an acoustic guitar pouring his heart out on stage....(It still bugs me to this day listening to Elliott Smith live recordings)


'Hi How are you?', What do you do?', 'What do you listen to?''Where do you go?'
'Are you with them or are you with us?', 'How do you dress?,' 'Who are your
friends?' 'Wont you shut the fuck up, I'm a just tryin' to watch the band'.

Couldn't have said it better myself....


Someone buy me this:

Picture from Spin.com, mp3s from brakes website and sxsw.com (thanks...?)

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