Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Intelligence - Dating Cops

New video from The Intelligence.
The Intelligence is a great seattle band on
In The Red Records. (a huge post on them at
a later date.) In the mean time, watch this....or not, whatever.
More info here:

Oh, The Melvins were fun. Enjoyed Big Business more though. (No segway bikes though) Cool to see both bands play together. (2 drumsets) They played some new and some old Melvins stuff. The show was good, but I've seen better.
Speaking of old Northwest bands, just heard Steel Wool (empty records) are planning on laying down vocals for the record they "finished" some years ago that never came out. Steel Wool were probably my favorite Seattle band in the 90's. Maybe there will be a post on them someday too....
Melvins: and .com
Big Business:
Steel Wool:

Ok, I promise no more old seattle band posts in a while...

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Vanessa said...

this video reminds me of a modern art intallation i saw that was a big room with a tiny robot on the floor playing these tiny drums and it had amps hooked up to it and just made clicking noises all day