Saturday, May 19, 2007

Serge Gainsbourg

So it's Serge Gainsbourg day here on CMA. I ordered the D'autres nouvelles des étoiles DVD 5 weeks ago and finally got it. I was blown away by a ton of great music videos...or the precursors to the music video...this ain't no MTV people. I don't speak a lick of french, but you just know Serge is singing about something cool. He has been linked to some of the worlds most beautiful women. Some people might just think of Serge Gainsourg as a sleazy lounge singer, but he is so much more than that. Jazz, rock, funk, reggae, soul, he's done it all...intelligent "tongue in cheek" songs of great quality. Here are a few youtube selections I found of some of his finest work:

"Mr William" Tractors, dancing women....yes!

"Bonnie and Clyde" (subtitled!)

"Comic Strip"

The infamous Whitney Houston clip (not on the dvd...hmm wonder why)

from "Historie de Melody Nelson" 1971

"Requiem pour un con"

From 1964.

OK, is that enough? I think you get the picture.
The dvd isn't easy to get ahold of it seems, but worth the money.
Go, no run to your local record store and pick it up.

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jonole said...

serge is the best. tres bien monsieur.