Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crash Normal

Crash Normal is another great band from Paris France. If you liked my Cheveu post earlier, this is for you. This band is all over the place. From speed metal, to electro noise, to art punk.
Here is a little taste:

Crash Normal - 2 Bonsaïs Dans Mon Assiette
Crash Normal - Nothing I Can Tell
Crash Normal - Cook Some Meat
Crash Normal - Audioradio 2
Crash Normal - Pink Panty

...and the number one hit on all the top 40 charts (at least mine):
Crash Normal - Flying To New York (demo)
Go here to download it yourself (sorry, can't link to it)
This post is really just about this great track.

Purchase from Byte Burger Records.
and rococorecords.com and s-srecords.com

Band info:
crashnormal.free.fr (with a lot more mp3s)

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