Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Deerhoof at Cafe Mono, Oslo

OK, I'm back from vacation. I've gotten millions of angry letters wondering why I haven't written anything in a while so here goes. Lets start with the great Deerhoof show last Tuesday.
The atmosphere was top notch. They played both old and new "hits". Some of the most intense and wild drumming I've ever seen. It was Deerhoof's first time in Oslo, and they seemed to have a great time. They did learn one Norwegian syllable: "Takk".
Here are some short video clips and random photos I took.



HJ and I deejayed before and after the show and had a blast...looks like we will do it again soon. We played what we wanted, got paid and got drunk for free. Yeah, I miiiight be up for that again.

Stuff on the Kongsberg Jazz Festival and other news soon.

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