Sunday, September 9, 2007

My idea of fun...

So the Stooges were great....obviously. Nice to see Mike Watt on bass. Don't think I've seen him since he played the first ever foo fighters gig...? I don't remember. Anyway, Iggy was a wildman on stage as expected. They played in the square of what looked like an old castle. A prefect setting. The Setlist was as follows: * Loose * Street * 1969 * I wanna be your dog * T.V. Eye * My idea of fun * Dirt * Real Cool Time * No fun * 1970 * Mind Room * Fun House / L.A. Blues * Skull Ring * Trollin' - Extra: * Not right * I'm fried * Little Electric Chair * She took my money * I wanna be your dog. (played twice) Well that's the official setlist, I have no idea what really happened due to being in an alcohol fuled state. I do remember Raga Rockers doing a decent opening set and Liliedugg (an old Norwegian punk band from 1980) doing a great set at the after party.
Here are a few terrible pictures and some useless video. enjoy!
Worst video I ever shot, but hey, I could barely stand.

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arnstein said...

haha, the first video is awesome!