Friday, June 20, 2008

PJ at the Opera

So Pj Harvey was here last night. She played in the brand new wooden Oslo Opera to a packed house of hardcore ecstatic fans. She played a varied set of old and new songs. Among the standouts were White Chalk, The Devil, Bring You My Love, Send His Love To Me, Man-Size, Snake, Down By The Water, When Under Ether and the last song (and my personal favorite) The Desperate Kingdom Of Love. It was fucking loud. Too loud in some parts. I thought we would have "opera sound", but instead we got a rock and roll show in the opera. A kick ass rocknroll show. Polly wasn't shy about using pedals and making loud loud noise with her guitars and voice. The only thing that was louder last night was the crowd. The acoustics in the opera were superb.
Here is the world famous Crappy mobile phone picture extravaganza:

Yes she looks like an angel.Took a short video with my crappy crappy phone (thanks nokia!

So yeah, fun was had by all. Nothing but great reviews in the papers. "The show of the year" etc. The summer isn't over yet. Lots more great stuff on the way. Ignore or keep reedin' dear reader.

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