Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ex Guitars live at the All Ears Festival 2009

Here is alittle exclusive treat for you improv nerds.
Terrie Ex and Andy Moor live at the All Ears Festival in Oslo last week.
All Ears is a festival for improvised music put on by a bunch of talented local musicians including Paal Nilssen-Love (doing the introduction on this video) Don't mind the crappy filming by yours truly...
The sound quality is decent. According to Terrie, lots of stuff is in the works, including Ex shows with their favorite Ethiopian: Getatchew Mekuria. He also hinted that all (or some) of the old records will again (and in some cases for the first time...?) come out on vinyl. Hurrah!

Here is the entire set from The Ex Guitars:

As a bonus treat here is a clip from Borbetomagus. This old NYC band have been playing almost as long as The Ex. (That's 30 years folks.) They put on an amazing show. Not quite the same effect on my poorly shot video, but they were amazing to watch:

I generally don't sit at home and listen stuff like this, but live it's something special.
Do yourself a favour and go see some improv sometime. (Bring earplugs)


Doug said...

Thanks for Ex-Guitars ... very nice ... and chance to see those fellas do their thing is welcome (just saw Terrie playing with OffOnOff and was blown away). You are right about Borbetomagus ... not exactly headphone music, but mind-altering live, and I would travel a long way to see them perform (I've seen them twice).

CMA said...

I assume you saw OffOnOff on their US tour...they are amazing. I've got some live video of their last Oslo show somewhere..I've just been to slow about posting it here. Felt lucky to see Borbetomagus here...don't know if that will happen again.

CMA said...