Monday, June 25, 2007


Alright. It's time for some Canadian music eh.
Pecola: probably the best screamo noise punk jazz band ever....what ever that is. I guess it's classified as "math rock". Whatever. Anyway, I've literally worn through my copy of the Dat Hoang 12" and only got mp3s left of it. I have The Mexican on cd, but its also seen better days.
I think both are out of print at this point.
I've worked really hard to get my tinnitus to where it is today thanks to those records (and a split 7 inch or two).
Pecola was Gideon Steinberg, Zak Hanna, Craig Thompson, CATL and were based in Toronto.

So here are Pecola - Class XXX from Dat Hoang on

Guess all the words and win a prize!
Buy it if it's your thing, or just buy it for me. (I like gifts)

The band went on to projects such as Picastro, No No Zero, Minaret, Shut-In, etc.
All worth checking out as well.

Read aboot Pecola here:

If anyone wants to hook me up with the cassette release or any demos or dvds feel free to contact me. I will pay you lots of money or wash your dishes.
I wish I had a copy of the Tag Team Anniversattack live show on Brave New Waves (Canada's best radio show...with sexy voiced Patty Schmidt - it still on the air?)

I don't use torrents and I'd hate for you not give them any money (they are no longer welcome at the Rush mansion) but I'm not sure where else you can find it. Check ebay or some shit or contact Phil Klygo over at teenageusa.

I have been bugging this guy in Toronto about sending me stuff, but I never got anything. Happened to run across a live show on the same guys website. Hope he doesn't mind me posting a track.
It's not great quality, but you can hear the intensity and rawness of the live show; which they were famous for I read somewhere. Haven't spent much time in Canada, so I never saw them play.

Pecola - Track 5 (live Atop a Hill January 1995)

You can listen to some other songs from Dat Hoang here:

The full length cd The Mexican was released on Kosherrock Records. I think it's out of print, but you can try to email Alex from Deep Dark United who runs the label. The Shut-In record was also released on Kosherrock.


J. LaRue said...

Hey there. Email me and I can hook you up with some Pecola related stuff:
folkbrandrecords AT hotmail DOT com

JJ LaVy said...

Hey, they were hands down the best live band ever, I some them at almost every show they played. It was a visceral thing.

Thankfully I got to play trombone on one of their songs, the last one on The Mexican I think. I miss those guys.

-Michael Wynn

CMA said...

Hi Michael. Thanks for posting:) I've been contacted by several people looking for The Mexican. Do you know if copies still are available?