Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Vaz

Originally from Fargo ND; Vaz started as 2 thirds of the Amphetamine Reptile band, Hammerhead by Jeff Mooridian Jr. (aka Deft Garlands) and Paul Erickson(aka Apollo Liftoff). They have been a two piece for most of their almost 10 years of existence but have been playing as a (three or?) four piece for a while now. This is noise rock at its best. You like noise don't you? Of course you do.
Here are a few cuts:

The Vaz - Collar

The Vaz - White World Of Death

The Vaz - Treble Noir

The Vaz - The Infinity Club

If you really feel like it you can download a live video of Unfinished Pair Of Brains and watch Jeff hit the skins like a madman. (Right click save this puppy it's 94 megs) or just go to youtube....

They have been on Load, Golden Standard Labs, Essay, 5rc and Narnack Records to name a few. Spend your crack money at the websites mentioned above.

As a bonus here are Seawhores who are on a split with Vaz on Essay Records.
Seawhores - Sweaty Men Attack

and why not, here is a Vaz youtube clip:

Remember to give them money, lots of it.
Band info: (I helped make this site a few years ago, neat-o eh? well not really....not been updated this century)


Huxtable said...

thanks for hipping me to this! good shit

jonole said...

Only heard one song thus far, "White World of Death" and I'm already a fan. Thanks!

CMA said...

no problem.