Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Direct flight: Paris - Nomeansno

Got off the plane at 9:45 PM and stood with my bag in hand at Garage in Oslo at 10:30 just in time for Nomeansno. Eventhough I was a total mess, it was fun. Lots of new songs; in other words no greatest hits show.
A couple of pix etc:

They have a new-ish record out called All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt.
Have a listen or whatever....
Nomeansno - In Her Eyes

On tour in Europen now.

Paris was nice. Did not make any shows... All I saw was a bunch of neo-hippies dancing their freak trance dancing through the Paris streets.

Next weekend I'm heading for London. Good times!


jonole said...

How about smoking gitanes in Serge's old neighbourhood? Any luck there?

CMA said...

no I fucked it up. never found them.