Thursday, November 1, 2007

Musical marathon week

Aaah, I can already smell's the weekend!
And this weekend is special. Happy to have two crazy guys from Paris for a visit. Crash Normal play at Spasibar on friday night with Firefly Effect and others. This show is sponsored by none other than Redyellowcab.....did I mention they rule? Well now I did.
Maybe another show saturday...
Sunday, Arcade Fire are back in town. Saw them at Garage a few years back and yes they might be over hyped, but they are still a great live band.
The week continues Tuesday with Music For A While (a great Kurt Weill cover band), and wednesday Liars play at John Dee. If I have any energy left by then, there are several more shows later in the week.
Pictures, music, and maybe some video will be uploaded when I'm conscious again.

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