Sunday, December 16, 2007


So it's been along time since a real post here at cma... Well, truthfully I haven't felt like it, and I've been really busy and burned out. Tons of shows I haven't written about here (listed on the right) and a bunch of other stuff going on as well. I'm ready for a vacation. Speaking of vacation, I'm heading for my old hometown of Seattle in a couple of days. I will visit some family and friends as well as partake in a few rock and or roll shows. The Intelligence is playing somewhere as well as Mahmoud Ahmed who is an old Ethiopian singer will rock the Showbox on the 29th. I will also be doing alot of record shopping (you know, actually buying records and cd's and not just leaching off the internet...old fashioned I know...) So merry christmas, happy kwanzaa, hannaka, boxing day, anti-corporate day, drunk day, or monday or whatever you might be celebrating. I will be back and better than ever next year. (no, really I will)
I fucking hate 90% of the christmas music (and don't get me started on the other traditions) so I will leave you with the greatest xmas song EVER:

Mistreaters - Santa Stole My baby (rapidshare)

Ok, here is an extra present:

The Intelligence - Secret Signals
from Duteronomy on In The Red Records.

See you all at the pub on the 25th.

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jonole said...

Have a merry christmas og et skikkelig happy new year!!