Sunday, January 20, 2008


It was cold and rainy in Seattle. Spent most of my time indoors with family or at the pubs anyhow. On the music front I saw some great local music at the Rendevous. Kazutaka Nomura played som quirky tracks, followed by Flexions (which is a prosject with members of Shoplifting and The Blood Brothers) - or if was Teflon Don (I'm not sure really). Either way, both guys were on stage. Followed by some jazzy beats by E.R. Don. These are the kinds of shows I miss while living in Oslo. There are great shows here too, but never more then 1 or 2 acts on the bill.
This show was sponsored by The Journal of Popular Noise

I also saw the old Ethiopian singer Mahmoud Ahmed. People danced and sang every word. It didn't excite me that much, but it was good....I was starting to get sick.

The rest of the shows I had to cancel, including seeing The Intelligence, because I got a ill. I also missed seeing some friends because of it. I have 3 weeks of vacation, and I spent the last 10 days in bed with a fever....nice.
The legendary Crocodile cafe has also closed. The city looks like its in a depression...closed places everywhere. I miss the Crocodile whiskey sours.


Oh yeah, I'm sorta back now...I'll fill you in on all the happenings in my little insane world. Thanks for reeedin'.

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Tara said...

It was good seeing you - wish we went to that Ethiopian singer but the last 3 shows I went to there made me damn the acoustics and swear I would never go there again.

hope you are feeling better.