Monday, December 1, 2008

The Feeling Of Love

So...It's been dead here for a while. Well, I haven't felt like going to shows. My tinnitus is getting worse and I'm trying to cut down on the insane numbers that show up on my creditcard bill after a night on the town.

A big annoncement is coming up soon on this here blog thingy. What you ask? Well, it's a far. There will also be a nice xmas gift for you. Just for you because I love you sooo much.

In the mean time you can enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of The Feeling Of Love. This is another great Seb Normal project. I think he has played in about 42351.4 bands. Seb Normal is the brother of Jerome Normal from Crash Normal. Crash Normal miiight have something to do with my big announcement in the near future. Stay tuned or whatever.

The Feeling of Love - Tounge Tattoo

Posting just one, but you can find tons more of his stuff by clicking the links below.

Also, enjoy this bonus "behind the scenes" video from Crash Normal in Oslo last year. Hey! you might even see yours truly in the video:

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